Thursday, October 23, 2008

So here we are...starting a blog. Who would have thought?

We have so much on the horizon for lives. We figured this would be an easy way to let everyone know what is happening and give all of you updates. Hopefully it works!

As most of you know (and for those that don't!), BJ is joining the AirForce. We are still in the beginning of the process...application is filed. We are waiting to get the official word that he is going to be commissioned...hopefully sometime around the end of November or early December. We know that he will be at least a Captain but possibly a Major...we won't know until the commisioning. After that, the plan is for BJ to start Commisioned Officer Training (COT) in March 2009. He will graduate in April 2009 and we expect to be at our first base by May 2009. We don't know where that will be yet but are hopeful that it will be near (or somewhat near!) family.

Other than that life is normal...dogs are up to no-good, cats are running the house and the two of us are just happy as can be! LOL!!! Actually, we have recently had a little miracle in our lives...our cat Tinsley who had been missing from home since July 2008, finally found his way home! Yep, you just did the math right...that's 3 months! We were shocked that he found his way home and thankful that he is relatively healthy despite being gone that long.

Thanks again for taking some time to read and we will keep you all updated!

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tvtams said...

Let me be the first to comment.. love the blog idea..
BJ in the Air Force.. what prompted that decision?
Good Luck - he'll look good in that uniform! :)